Wellness is a Gift

Today Is Beautiful

Oh Hey, Hello. How ya doing? For the record, this is not being written by a devastated family member. My memory is a little fuzzy, but I believe yesterday I went into my dentist for a voluntary death wish. As far as I’m concerned, they granted that wish and this is I, reincarnated.


I could still be in pain. I could be a thousand times better. Who’s to say. I wouldn’t know because they doubled the strength of my pain killers, packed my new found nemesis ‘dry socket’ with foam and anointed the blessed area with clove oil. I’m numb from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and plan on remaining there until I’m positive coming off the drugs will not hurt.

Resurrection is good, reeks and tastes like holy cloves, but good nonetheless!

This little bleep on my radar has brought to surface just how much I take for granted feeling well 95% of the rest of the year. Normally I’m zipping around, doing exactly what I want, when I want, without regard to the effortless movement my body allows me. Feeling healthy in my reality is as involuntary as breathing.

Experiences like what I’ve been temporarily dealing with, encourages me to think about those who suffer from chronic pain and ongoing health issues. My heart goes out to those where pain is simply a matter of levels and daily maintenance. I can’t imagine how (but I know I would, if I needed) some people must tailor a life around something that is out of their control and can’t be taken away by time and healing. To the people who deal with ongoing health issues, I admire your perseverance.

I’ve heard the notion a lot, that life is fragile. Maybe that’s true to some degree….. Individual life is a fragile gift of time and can be gone in a second of circumstance when the body can no longer function. But I don’t believe people themselves resemble fragile, at all. People are tenacious, fighters, strong and full of involuntary desire to endure just about anything life can toss our way.

People don’t die from heartbreak, nor horrendous days or even excruciating tooth pain. People remain despite terrible childhoods and vicious partnerships. People suffer devastating losses of entire families in a car wreck and continue on. We lose grandparents, parents, children, the worst sort of internal pain and yet, people carry on. Life may be a fragile state of being held to reality by a thin current of physical energy, but people can and do survive the unimaginable, the unexplainable, the ongoing ugly life can conjure up and everything in between. How can I not admire that resilience?

I guess sometimes I just sit back and marvel at the beauty and power of humanity. It doesn’t take pharmaceutical drugs and the scent of cloves for my mind to realize the precious appreciation I feel for life around me. My mind frequently wanders there, today I just felt like mentioning it since I’ve been nose to nose my own version of Jesus over the last week~

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