Privacy etc.

I hope you enjoy visiting my site. It is normal for websites to use cookies to help with the website analytics and running of the site and to gather small amounts of information – this site is no different.

When you visit this site there will be a record made of things like your ip address and the computer browser you are using. Nothing is personally identifiable to me. I will know generally that this month 100 people (for example) visited a certain page on my website and the site that sent them to that page (Bing for instance) but I won’t know anything more personal than that.

If you make a comment on the blog or use the contact form, then the name and email that you use will be recorded as well – but I still won’t really know who you are, however you are of course welcome to simply browse without making any comments or other interactions.

It is possible to turn off cookies in your browser settings.

From time to time I may link out (or embed in the case of things like youtube videos) 3rd party sites. By making these links available I am not endorsing the third-party websites, their content, products, services or the owners. These links are for your convenience and reference only and any 3rd party sites linked to from this website will have their own privacy policies and terms of service etc.