Does Your Pet Require Special Pet Food?

If you have food intolerances you may find, as many others have, that Whole Foods are your sanctuary. Many grocery shops are gradually enhancing stock in gluten-free products, with newly baked gluten-free goods, a range of gluten-free items throughout stores and classes and workshops being offered in many local areas.

So many people have been diagnosed (officially and unofficially by their own instincts) as gluten intolerant and many find improvements in their body and health by switching to gluten free. So much so that it has made me wonder about our pets – should they be able to eat gluten free as well? How would we know if it was helping? – perhaps a reduction in gas being emitted by the family dog (although we already know that some of what gets blamed on them is not actually true).

For many of us the reasons for food intolerance test are so implicit in our every day activities and foods. As a society, this brand-new epidemic has actually struck us silently. Up to 70 % people will want to take a food intolerance test however many of us will not understand it. Left unattended, it can trigger health conditions which are persistent or signs which affect our lifestyle. The good news is that by taking the test you are moving towards getting the treatment you need. Eliminate the foods highlighted in the test and then re-introduce them again in a regulated way. You can have a happy body once again.

Many other individuals have food intolerances to synthetic sweeteners and food chemicals. Lots of people have food intolerances to foods that do not even realize it, and it can produce signs of disease throughout their lifetime if left undetected.

You can likewise deal with queasiness after consuming if you have the tendency to wolf your food down and barely pause to chew it. In this case, you will probably find that you feel a bit sick for quite some time after eating until the food has been absorbed. Eating rich fatty foods can also cause queasiness after eating.

When your schedule gets hectic it’s more difficult to consume well, though. The days I had conferences and appointments were more difficult making this work, however I did it with pre-planning and the willingness to eat at different times of the day.

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