Commercial Cleaning And Business

To seal a newly laid linoleum floor is not as hard as a lot of commercial cleaning companies tend to make out. However, there are a few simple steps that have to be taken to ensure that the linoleum flooring of your contract stays looking as good as possible for many years to come.

Buy a few bin and a big shredder liners and whenever you have a spare moment, release your inner hooligan and enjoy destroying that paper mountain.

What busy mother (or father) wouldn’t secretly like to have someone do the household chores for them? Their reasons are as varied as the mother themselves. One may just want someone to help her to keep on top of it all – there is always some corner or room or window sill etc. that is not getting cleaned as often or as hygienically clean as it should be. Another might just hate housework and is glad to let another person do it all. Yet another woman may long to have a clean house but she lacks the organization or the time to do it. A maid, well chosen, can work well for any one of these people.

Perhaps you are interested in being the one to solve her cleaning problems. Sick of having a boss? Sick of ‘do this, do that’? Sick of always being the employee? Then, be in charge! Once you start your own business you don’t need to follow orders because you are the one who gives them. Why not start a commercial cleaning business?

Your business could take you anywhere; homes, offices, factories – they all need cleaning at some point or other. Office workers know exactly where odors lurk in their particular office. It could be that odd smell in the kitchenette that nobody can get to go away. It may be a section of the tile in the washrooms that has been neglected for way too long. A cleaning company can get rid of these odors. The areas that tended to smell when I worked in the office were the parts of our office that got used the most. Setting up a cleaning plan will allow the cleaner to maintain these areas, so that odors will stay gone for good.

One time cleaning or service contract.

You may expect to get higher prices if being used for just a one-time cleaning. However, if you have a maintenance contract (like buffing the floor once per month of scrubbing/recoating services once a quarter) there are often discounts expected. Also you can expect a discount if a company already provides commercial janitorial services to your building (example – regular janitorial services 3/5 days per week).

Part of the services might include things such as toilet paper, paper towels and hand wash. Even though you can allocate a member of staff to take responsibility for all these items, you are really taking them away from their primary job. This indicates commercial cleaning services that there are other things they could be doing that they can no longer devote as much time to.

Never underestimate the power of sales, promotions and discounts

A surefire way to drum business up is to have a sale or promotion. There are many ways to set up sales or discounts for your customers. You can always do the buy one, get one free technique. For example, if you’ve cleaned their house 20 times in the last two months, why not include a free house cleaning. This will give your customers something to look forward to and ensure that you keep some sort of steady business, if only for that one free day. Why not give half-offs or percentage discounts on your fee on special occasions?

Make certain that you are aware of the services they offer. Ask them on what extent they can render their services, and if there are any limitations. Ask this before hiring them because you don’t wish to contact another provider for a task that the company may not cover.

Carpet Cleaning

These tasks can be offered by a specialised cleaning business (which may be what you want to do). It is important to get the carpet dry quickly. You can do this by opening windows and getting air circulating in the room, using box fans and even simply turning on the air conditioning. This will help evaporate the moisture in your carpet. Considering that you can not get 100 % of the water out of carpet, you will wish to get your carpet dry quickly, to avoid problems with musty smells or mildew developing. After you clean a room or rooms, do not leave the room closed or without air circulation, this is a recipe for a moisture problem.

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